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Below you find a list of a number of different Channa species. Click the names for more information about that particular species of Channa and how to successfully keep them in an aquarium tank.


Channa amphibeus
Channa argus
Channa asiatica
Channa aurantimaculata
Channa bankanensis
Channa baramensis
Channa barca
Channa bleheri
Channa burmanica
Channa cyanospilos
Channa gachua
Channa harcourtbutleri
Channa lucius
Channa maculata
Channa marulioides
Channa marulius
Channa melanopterus
Channa micropeltes
Channa nox
Channa orientalis
Channa panaw
Channa pleurophthalma
Channa punctata
Channa stewartii
Channa striata
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Channa Species